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The Wood Studio markets, range of architectural wood products, specializing in custom cut product specially in Live Edge Furniture and other Wooden furniture for high end residential, commercial, institutional and resort applications..

Beyond the artistic beauty that our furniture provides, one of the most attractive things about it is its sustainability.



All our furniture exudes rich natural colours, textures, and beautiful craftmanship. we have vareity collection of:

Why Choose Us

The WOOD STUDIO uses the finest quality materials and the most highly trained craftsmen. we want our customers to experience the warmth through Respect and Trust.

  Our Vision

We endeavour to supply furniture that is all insightful, elegant and inspiring, while supplementing your needs that only natural wood in its natural free contoured state can bring.

  Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior products and services of exceptional vaue that willlast the lifetime of the owners.

  Customer Satisfaction

INTEGRITY AND EFFICIENCY, but also FLEXIBILITY and INNOVATION, these are the ideas that our leadership shape our day to day activities.

Need a copy of this beautiful Html5 so what are you waiting?

Need a copy of this beautiful Html5 so what are you waiting?

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